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“A script about two guys falling in love where being gay [is] so ordinary it is almost overlooked. Touching and tender… and not a single stereotype in sight.” — Queertiques.com

Gavin (super-cute Jason T. GaffneyJolly) and Paul (drop-dead handsome Eric AragonThe Interview), two young gay men, meet and fall in love over a holiday weekend where family and friends are planning the wedding of Paul’s sister. The problem is, Gavin is posing as the boyfriend of Paul’s ex and the two find themselves in a classic comic quandary as they try to ignore their feelings.

First time feature film Director Scott Gabriel’s cast includes Eric Aragon (The Interview), Jason T. Gaffney (Jolly), Apolonia Davalos (Jolly), Brendan Griffin (The Nanny Diaries), Sal Rendino (Blue Collar Boys), Kristine Sutherland (TV’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) and James Rebhorn (Independence Day, TV’s “White Collar”).

Awards & Quotes

Best Feature Length Comedy
Garden State Film Festival

“Touching and funny story of the many perfect ways that love can be expressed.” – Sarasota Film Festival

“Heartwarming . . . illustrating a fresh take on a modern family.” – This Week in Sarasota

“Instead of preaching about marriage equality, The Perfect Wedding simply shows life in futuristic world where it’s taken for granted. And that world looks pretty good.” – Herald-Tribune

Product Features


  • Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • Interviews with the Actors
  • Welcome to Florida!
  • Closed Captions, 5.1 Surround Sound