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Four women. One weekend. One magical landscape.

“Rife with playful flirting and stolen kisses.” — Sound on Sight

The interplay of sexual tension between four very different women is at the center of this lush and languid drama set against the backdrop of a beautiful chain of lakes over a glorious long weekend. Tough and independent Rosa (Nele Rosetz) is a professional fisherwoman and guardian of the lake. Her high-powered architect lover Kirsten (Therese Haemer) lives in a fancy lakeside cottage where the couple unexpectedly play host to young lesbian couple, Evi (Lea Draeger) and Olivia (Constanze Wächter). Uncertainty evolves as attractions shift — while the rustic beauty of the lake presides.

Over the course of the weekend it becomes clear that Evi and Olivia’s lives are very different from Rosa and Kirsten’s. They are young and confident, but their plans and ideas for the future are still vague. As these different lifestyles and age groups come together — with different dreams, goals and concerns — the women talk, laugh and make love; amidst jealousy and complex chemistry they try to understand and communicate with each other.

Awards & Quotes

“An appealing relationship drama about trust and openness — crackling with tension between the four women.”–  Filmstarts.de