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SYNOPSIS: The girls who like the girls are back in this jam-packed installment of the most popular lesbian shorts DVD series of all time. Enjoy the eye-candy and prepare to be entertained by these funny, sad, romantic, dramatic lesbian short movies from today’s top talents including: Guinevere Turner (Go Fish, The L Word), Julie Goldman (Big Gay Sketch Show), Cassandra Nicolaou (Interviews with My Next Girlfriend, Show Me), Roberta Munroe (Dani and Alice), and others.

In Twilight’s Shadow 2008, 12 mins. USA • Directed by T.M. Scorzafava
A vampire (Natasha Alam, The Women) awakens to rescue her mortal lover in this spectacularly well-produced short film from award-winning director TM Scorzafava (Gillery’s Little Secret).

Commitment Ceremony 2008, 5 mins. USA • Directed by Erin Greenwell & Julie Goldman
Uber-talented Julie Goldman (Big Gay Sketch Show, Big Dreams in Little Hope) co-stars with fellow lesbian comedienne Kate McKinnon in this hilarious musical diatribe on marriage equality.

Happy Birthday 2008, 14 mins. USA & Canada • Directed by Roberta Marie Munroe
A hilarious butch/femme role-reversal tale of two couples, two birthdays and two sex toys! Stars include Julie Goldman (Big Gay Sketch Show), Deak Evgenikos (Itty Bitty Titty Committee) and Yolonda Ross (Stranger Inside) and Lisa Branch (Law and Order, Soul Food).

Long Ago 2007, 14 mins. USA • Directed by Christy Wegener
Sexy bartender Maddie (Stef Willen) is surrounded by available women at the lesbian bar, but why can’t she get a girl? Her friends break it to her that she needs to get over her ex-girlfriend – and the rat-tail hair accessory has got to go!

Late 2008, 7 mins. USA • Directed by Guinevere Turner
This eloquent, poignant portrait discovers a woman as it explores the walls of her apartment and eavesdrops on the messages being left on her answering machine.

Congratulations Daisy Graham 2007, 15 mins. Canada • Directed by Cassandra Nicolaou
Daisy Graham faces her moment of truth in this dark, heart-rending drama about a small town high school teacher and her longtime partner. This touching day-in-the-life tale will surely make you cry (and even laugh) before the story ends. WINNER, Best Short Film, Philadelphia Int’l GLBT Festival.

Dandelion Fall 2008, 14 mins. USA • Directed by Lauren Wolkstein
Like a lesbian Midnight Cowboy, blonde street musician Billie answers Manhattan realtor Bella’s every desire. But Billie is looking for love. Co-stars Breeda Wool and Alexis Clemente have major hot chemistry in this film festival fave!

The Insomniacs 2007, 11 mins. USA • Directed by Kami Chisholm
Skyler Cooper stars as an insomniac looking for sleep, and maybe a sympathetic fellow lesbian night owl.

Awards & Quotes

“These really are some of the best lesbian shorts of the year.” —Danielle Riendeau, AfterEllen.com