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“A rare mix of social consciousness and romantic escapism.” — Velvetpark.com

In this stylish re-visioning of the classic ‘rob from the rich and give to the poor’ myth, the streets and back alleys of Oakland provide the backdrop for up and coming dyke director Sara Millman‘s energetic tale.

Like a lesbian Bonnie and Clyde, it all starts when a French Casanova butch named Brooklyn (charismatic Clody Cates) falls in love with social worker Robin (stunning newcomer Khahtee Turner). The two team up to rob banks and share the wealth with various local social service agencies.

Robin’s Hood is a charmer of a film with a terrific Hip-Hop soundtrack, great chemistry between the two lead actresses and several wonderfully hot love scenes. Underneath the sheer entertainment value of this beautifully written film is a slam-bang indictment of today’s urban social services system that makes visible the tragic but true realities of governmental apathy and institutional racism.

This scrappy urban dyke drama breathes fresh life into a classic storyline.

Awards & Quotes

“Thanks to starring actresses Khathee V. Turner and Clody Cates—and an eclectic music score that will have you hip-hopping in your seat—Kevin Costner’s epic film is now a mere footnote in the annals of our continuing fascination with the Robin Hood saga.” —Erica Marcus, San Francisco LGBT Film Festival

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