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Judas Kiss Also Available on Blu-ray!

Get your hands on the Limited Edition Blu-ray of this wildly popular gay drama starring Charlie David as a failed filmmaker with a chance to reshape his destiny. The film’s exceptionally attractive and talented collegiate cast includes: Richard Harmon (TV’s The Killing), Sean Paul Lockhart and Timo Descamps. The Blu-ray comes packed with bonus features including: extended behind-the-scenes featurette; new commentary with Richard Harmon, Sean Paul Lockhart & Julia Morizawa; additional commentary by Charlie David and much more!

A sexy slice of mystery drama with a dream cast and high production values; Judas Kiss will rank high on many ‘best movie’ lists at year’s end.” —ThatGayMovie.com

STARS: Charlie David, Richard Harmon, Timo Descamps and Sean Paul Lockhart

Prolific out gay star Charlie David (Mulligans, Dante’s Cove, etc.) stars as gay filmmaker Zachary Wells. While serving as a film festival judge, Zach has a one night stand with handsome student filmmaker Danny Reyes (adorable Richard Harmon, AMC’s The Killing) — who turns out to be competing for a scholarship that Zach must award!

Mysterious coincidences abound: “Danny Reyes” is Zach’s actual birth name and Danny’s film entry has the same title as Zach’s film that won the festival years before. With his own career in shambles, Zach sees Danny making the same mistakes he did — and he decides to take matters into his own hands.

With hotties Sean Paul Lockhart (aka adult-fave Brent Corrigan) and Timo Descamps rounding out the collegiate cast as Danny’s fellow students — JUDAS KISS serves up a highly entertaining gay dramatic feature film experience!


CHARLIE DAVID (Zachary Wells) is a multi-talented entertainer. From his days with pop band 4Now to his stints hosting television shows on E!, NBC, Fine Living, and other networks, Charlie has proved himself a versatile talent. His move to Hollywood brought roles in Showtimeʼs outrageous musical Reefer Madness, ABCʼs Ugly Betty and the Sundance Channelʼs award-winning series, Terminal City.
Charlie is a gay box office phenomenon. His steamy supernatural soap opera Danteʼs Cove was the No. 1 show for the here! television network, with strong continuing DVD sales. He also stars in Logoʼs travel series, Bump!, now in its fourth season. Charlie has had three features released in the past two years: A Four Letter Word, Kiss the Bride, and Mulligans. He also wrote and produced Mulligans, which has growing worldwide distribution deals, and has played at more than 65 international film festivals.
RICHARD HARMON (Danny Reyes) has been a working actor since age 10, landing roles in a broad swath of television series and feature films, including AMCʼs drama The Killing, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Smallville,
Fringe, Syfyʼs series Caprica, and the Cartoon Networkʼs live-action series, Tower Prep. For Richard, Judas Kiss represents a leap from a strong résumé of supporting parts in Web series, television and features to a lead that suits his edgy take on youthful roles.
SEAN PAUL LOCKHART — aka BRENT CORRIGAN (Chris Wachowsky) is one of the leading models in gay adult films. In the independent film world, he was featured in director Gus Van Santʼs Oscar-winning biopic, Milk, and the comedy, Another Gay Sequel. He also starred with Judas Kiss director J.T. Tepnapa in the critically acclaimed horror short, In The Closet.
TIMO DESCAMPS (Shane Lyons)is a young Belgian actor and pop singer, recently nominated for Dutch and Belgian music awards as a Rising Talent. He was also voted as Belgium’s Gay Icon, an award to honor role models for gay youth.Timo started acting in television dramas at 17. Two years later, he won third place in the Belgian celebrity singing contest, Soap Star Superstar, which led to his first single, “Phone Call.” He has dubbed voices in several European versions of Hollywood blockbusters, including Happy Feet (Mumble), Surfʼs Up (Cody), The Chronicles of Narnia, (Peter Pevensie), and has hosted a show on Europeʼs Nickolodeon network called Superstar: The Battle! Timo recently released his second single, “Do You Like it Rough?”, which is also part of the Judas Kiss soundtrack, and a new music video, “Tomorrow,” benefitting the Damien Foundation, which treats leprosy and tuberculosis patients across the globe.

Awards & Quotes

Judas Kiss – WINNER – Best Screenwriting Filmout San Diego

* “A super-sexy film with more twists than a smart cocktail. Funny, touching and filled with hot guys, a definite MUST SEE.” — GuySpy.com

* “The surprise hit of the Phoenix Film Festival. An incredibly original independent feature film, extraordinarily well-made that completely transcends all genres, and features solid performances from really charismatic actors.” — Joseph Airdo, Examiner.com

* “This stunning film has everyone contemplating their own lives well after the movie is over. A compelling, yet controversial, story with a charismatic cast.” — Jason Muñoz, reviewer, Phoenix Film Festival

* “A fresh and fun approach to the same old time travel story, filled with characters you can’t quite get out of your head. It features strong visual effects and an awesome musical number. It’s rare to see an independent film not only with such heart, but with this precision craftsmanship. You’ll want to see it again and again.” — Michael Hinman, Airlock Alpha film reviewer

* “It made me feel good, and that’s fairly rare with a lot of cinema targeted at the gay community . . . Beautifully shot, the young actors really showed themselves as being talented performers.” — Ed Kennedy, AfterElton.com, Morning Meme columnist

* “Earnest and well-intentioned, and surprisingly well-shot. There’s even a touch of CGI, which looks great. And I admit I’m openly tickled that gay cinema is finally going places, like magical realism, where few have thought to take it before.” — Brent Hartinger, AfterElton.com film reviewer

* “J.T. Tepnapa combines the central conceit from Back to the Future with earnest acting and a Frank Capra-corny message to deliver one of the Frameline festival’s guilty pleasures … I found myself smiling.” — David Lamble, Bay Area Reporter

Product Features


  • Behind the Scene Featurettes
  • Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Music Video
  • Photo Montage
  • Closed captions


  • From DVD:
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Director/Writer Commentary
  • 'Like it Rough' Music Video
  • New to Blu-ray
  • Extended Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • Extended Behind the Scenes - Music Video
  • New commentary with Richard Harmon, Sean Lockhart, & Julia Morizawa
  • Additional commentary by Charlie David
  • Original Full Length "If I Fall" Musical Number
  • Alternate Cut and Commentary Scene 66 (Dormroom Confrontation)