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A crowd pleasing, heartfelt drama of young love triumphant against all odds, Beautiful Thing is a winning combination of My Beautiful Laundrette and Romeo and Juliet and has been hailed by critics as “one of the best movies of the year” (Amy Taubin, The Village Voice).

A tender love story set during a hot summer on a South-East London housing estate. Jamie, a relatively unpopular (but totally cute) teen who ditches school to avoid football and his taunting classmates, lives next door to Ste, an adorable, popular and athletic teen at school but hides his traumatic home life for he is frequently beaten up by his father and older brother. Such an episode of violence brings Jamie and Ste together: Sandra (Jamie’s strongly independent and voal mother) offers refugee to Ste, who has to ‘top-and-toe’ with Jamie. The story tells of their growing attraction for one another, from initial lingering glances to their irrefutable love, which so magnificently illustrated at the end of the film. This wonderful film deals with the tribulations of coming to terms with their sexuality and the fear of social reprisal, in light of Sandra’s unwavering loyalty and defence of Jamie and the fear of repercussion should Ste’s family find out. The sub-plots Sandra’s desire to manage her own pub, and thus escape the low-income estate, and of her new relationship with her hippy boyfriend Tony; and of Leah, the brassy girl next door who spends her time listening to Mama Cass records and tripping on a variety of drugs.

This is a must see film of finding your first true love and overcoming all obstacles to be who you are, to follow your dreams and find your hearts desires.

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